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Bún bò Huế- Spicy Beef noodle soup

Bún bò Huế  is a popular Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (bò).Huế is a city in central Vietnam associated with the cooking style of the former royal court. The dish is greatly admired for its balance of spicy, sour, salty, and umami flavors. The predominant flavor is that of lemongrass. Compared to phở or bún riêu, the noodles are thicker and more cylindrical.

Bún bò Huế

B1-Bún bò Huế

Spicy Beef soup Hue style  Vermicelli soup


B3-Bún bò Huế chay​

Spicy vegetarian  noodle soup 


Bún bò Huế  Đặc Biệt

B2-Bún bò Huế Đặc Biệt

Spicy beef noodle soup Hue style       pig's feet and cooked pig blood  steamed pork roll


B4-Bún Riêu

Bun Rieu or Vietnamese vermicelli    noodle soup with milled crab meat


B5-Mì Hoành Thánh

Wonton noodle soup 


Bún - Rice Vermicelli

Bún thịt nướng is a popular Vietnamese cold rice-vermicelli noodle dish topped with grilled pork, grilled shrimp and spring rolls fresh herbs like basil and mint, fresh salad, Giá, and chả giò. The dish is dressed in nước mam fish sauce


B6-Bún Tôm, thịt nướng Chả giò

Vermicelli With BBQ Pork, shrimp &a spring Roll


B7-Bún thịt nướng

Vermicelli with BBQ pork


B8-Bún Tôm Nướng

Vermicelli with grilled shrimp


B9-Bún  đặc biệt

Vermicelli with pork skin, spring  roll, grilled shrimp & grilled pork


B10-Bún bì Chả giò

Vermicelli with shredded  pork ,           spring rolls


B17-Bún Chao Tôm nem Nướng    Chả giò

Vermicelli shrimp surimi grilled on      sugar can stick , grilled pork meatball and  a spring roll


 Rice Vermicelli

B11-Bún  Chả  giò 

Spring rolls on Vermicelli


B12-Bún bò nướng     Chả giò

Vermicelli with grilled beef & a            spring roll


B13-Bún bò nướng

Vermicelli with grilled Beef


B14-Bún gà nướng,    Chả giò

Vermicelli with grilled chicken &         spring roll


B15-Bún gà nướng

Vermicelli with grilled chicken


B16-Bún Chao Tôm thit Nướng    Chả giò

Vermicelli shrimp surimi grilled on     sugar can stick , grilled pork and        spring roll


Cơm tấm , Broken Rice Platter

Cơm tấm, or broken rice, is a Vietnamese dish made from steamy broken rice with charbroiled pork, shredded pork, Egg quiche.  This is one of the signature dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. People in Vietnam eats Com Tam anytime of the day, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner . Recommend to prepare the below side dishes to enjoy the full course meal of Vietnamese Broken Rice. 

Cơm tấm , Broken Rice Platter

C1-Cơm tấm  Gà nướng đặc biệt

Broken rice with shredded pork ,egg quiche ,charbroiled chicken & egg.


C2-Cơm tấm Chả,Gà nướng

Broken rice with egg quiche and           charbroiled chicken


C3-Cơm tấm Bì Chả, Gà nướng

Broken rice with shredded pork, egg quiche ,egg  and charbroiled chicken


C4-Cơm tấm thit Nướng

Broken rice with charbroiled pork


C5-Cơm tấm Bì ,chả ,Bò  Nướng

Broken rice with shredded pork,  egg quiche  & charbroiled beef


C6-Cơm tấm, Bì, Bò          Nướng

Broken rice with shredded pork  &      charbroiled beef


C7-Cơm tấm Bò Nướng

Broken rice with charbroiled Beef.


C8-Cơm tấm Tôm thit Nướng

Broken rice with charbroiled pork       and shrimp.


C9-Cơm tấm Sườn Nướng

Broken rice with pork chops.


C10-Cơm tấm Sườn đặc biệt

Broken rice with  pork chop ,                 shredded   pork, Egg quiche and egg.


C11-Cơm tấm Sườn Bì Chả

Broken rice with pork chop,  shredded pork & Egg quiche.


C12-Cơm tấm Thit Nướng Bì Chả

Broken rice with charbroiled pork shredded pork & Egg quiche.


 C13-Cơm tấm Thit Nướng đặc biệt

Broken rice with charbroiled pork shredded pork, Egg quiche and egg


 C15-Cơm  gà tuoi

Fresh chicken with steam rice


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